Join in the growth of a product you helped design.

Two On An Island

We’ve started working on Two On An Island over nights and weekends since 2018. The vision is to create a massively multiplayer audio game, but we’re making up the rules as we go and you can be a part of that.


Only you can write the storyline, but we’ll help.

Teach us about you and others like you. The first question is, how did you two meet?


Select your life stages from the options below:




Hi everyone, it’s me Marcus. RomancePlanner_m.

Mark, Marcus…which one is it?

Mark Harvey is the founder of Two On An Island, the CEO and Chief Romance Office too!

Welcome to Two On An Island, this is an audio only romance experience. The Natives Romance Challenge is a newly weds couples game.

Mark & Aldania on there first date>>>




Hi I’m Mark Harvey I own a Romance Company…our purpose? mostly to tell love stories.🌴